Magic on a Saturday Night

Going to a popular chain restaurant is probably the dumbest thing a group of friends can do on a Saturday night.

Especially when that restaurant is located outside a popular mall that’s closing at the time you want to get to the restaurant. Then you have hoards of families coming to the restaurant with shopping bags and small children who are whining about how their feet hurt and how they are so hungry.


What do you do when your friend who made the plans is sitting in the waiting area with a frown upon her face along with her crutches she needs to get around after a freak accident the day before.

What do you do when you have at least 4 other groups waiting outside before you waiting for their name to be called.

What do you do?

I’ll tell you what you should do.


Let your guy friend handle it and work his magic on the hostess while slipping her a $20

In two minutes you will hear your friends name followed by words you’ve wanted to hear 15 minutes before “party of 4”.


Then you and your 3 friends happily walk over to your booth, sit down and enjoy the rest of your Saturday night.

Abracadabra the night will go great.

Or so you think……….


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