KARMA :Battle of the Oldies vs. the Youngins

This gif story is inspired by The Publishing Process in GIF Form

I’ve lived in NYC my whole life born and raised and I love it. The diversity of the people and their lovely lovely personalities seen especially on public transportation.

I never really took public transportation on a daily basis till I entered high school and boy was I in for a shock.

All of a sudden manners were thrown out the window between both the young and the old.

I found it pretty funny to watch the elderly complain about the youth of America and how they have ……

They don’t know how to respect anyone especially the elderly. Who raises these kids ? I hear. The ones who skip the line they clearly see forming. How rude of them I hear.

I call bulls**t when I see the same people complain do the exact same thing and sometimes I want to just to……

Too many times I have seen an elderly person skip a line whether it be long or short and I have to chuckle to myself when they do it so boldly. Sometimes I want to speak up and say “hey mam, there is only 6 people on the line we don’t bite.”

Maybe they forget that those same rude kids who skip the line grow up to be adults….who do the same thing and complain when someone does it to them. The circle of life. Right?

Very very IRONIC

I really laugh when someone is attempting to skip you and when you give the look  they wave their arm to guide you on the bus like your royalty and they are doing you a favor I almost want to turn around and say I was going to get on before you regardless, because I was here first.

I’ve always been that person who observes everything and I hear everything maybe I’m the modern day Robin Hood who wants to help the people who can’t or just won’t speak up for ourselves.

We should all just maybe put ourselves in each other shoes and think if roles were reversed ask that question. How would I feel if someone did that to me?

What goes around comes back around. We call it Karma.


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