Beautiful Day

This weekend was gorgeous, the sun was so bright and beautiful. But just like every year when it gets just a little warmer people think they can walk outside like its the dead of summer, some people just don’t know what to wear. It’s that weird in between weather where people wear too much clothing….

or too little…..

Unfortunately its going to rain on Monday. I’m trying to enjoy this nice weather and the rain wants to come and mess it up.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day”

  1. YES I agree this weekend was beautiful. lol I did see people who were a bit of overdressed and under dressed. Let’s just hope this weather stays like this. NO MORE SNOW PEAZZZZZZ

  2. LMAO the accuracy in this post ! You see some people in cropped tops, shorts and sandals. Only to later see someone in a beanie and bubble coat. Some people go all out for the one day you get great weather while others try their best to be a leader and not get sick. Not looking forward to the weather dropping the next few days

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