Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

So over the past weekend leaked footage for the highly anticipated Batman V Superman trailer hit the internet after director Zack Snyder released a teaser trailer announcing the official trailer would be released today(April 20th). For some apparent reason Snyder decided to release the trailer on Saturday(April 18th).

 The fact that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor speech about “Gods” is at the very beginning of the trailer pays homage to the source material. Ben Affleck’s Batman looks amazing and looks like Batman from the comics and strays away from Christopher Nolan’s Batman. Henry Cavil’s Superman looks exactly the same as he did in The Man of Steel film. It appears that Frank Miller’s The Dark KnightReturns storyline will play an intricate part of the film. Along with the trailer being released over the weekend Zack Snyder released the official movie posters for the film yesterday(April 19th) as seen belowBVSSVB

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