Self Sabatagoe

The title of the article “How Unidan went from being Reddit’s most beloved user to its most disgraced” captured my attention on the C.T. 101 site. According to the article Reddit user, Unidan also known as Ben Esienkop  quickly become one of Reddit’s most loved user he was known for posting interesting science facts. But all of that changed when the Reddit administration realized that although Unidan was greatly appreciated in the online community it wasn’t enough for him. He created several fake accounts to put down the users who were against him so he was decreasing their popularity and trying to increase his. When they caught sight of that, his popularity quickly decreased. He is now shunned from the reddit community for his dishonesty. I don’t understand why he did that, he was already already popular on the site, and was put on a pedestal he didn’t need to try to belittle other users. The reddit community had favored him, but it wasn’t enough in his eyes and he ended up losing all of his credibility and fans.

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