Creating Another Website

For my English 384 class we have to mimic a website’s layout and theme while also creating original content for own own website. For this assignment I decided to mimic the website which is a magazine website that features various articles about fashion, love, beauty, etc. I used the wix (the website builder) to help me create my website. I named my website Emma Rose and tried to mimic the same layout that was used on To be honest creating the physical features of the website wasn’t a challenge at all, the difficulty part is trying to create content that the website hasn’t created itself. It’s difficult for me to try to think of articles that are similar to Marieclaire’s while also being original. The website layout was pretty easy to mimic, once I created one page it was easy to create the other pages by making duplicates and then changing them slightly. This is my final project for my English 384 class, here is the link of what I’ve done so far (it’s a work in progress) (The link says roselily because that was my original name but I changed it to Emma Rose,I still have to change the url name)Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 12.48.58 PM

CT101 Digital Storytelling