Being Racist When You Don’t Even Know It.

I finished up reading ”Avatars, rubber hands, virtual reality, and racism” article in the reading list. The entire article was really freakingi nteresting which is something rare for me to say. It talks about how ‘certain’ people have racism planted into their brains that when they say they aren’t racist, they actually are and don’t even know it. One of the research the article spoke about was one where they showed a picture of a face and a tool or gun. They had to identify if the tool/gun was either a tool or gun with the face that was shown, which was either black or white. The results were that when a black face came up people confused the tools for guns, and when a white face came up they confused the guns for tools. In our society it’s not an uncommon thing, seeing how the criminals we see on television are dark skinned we tend to instnatly think they are dangerous people, while it’s a light skin we don’t find them as dangerous.

It also goes along with justice, if it’s a dark skinned criminal with a light skin victim we tend to more lean to harsh punishments for the criminals. While the opposite is softer punishment for the light skinned criminal who harmed/killed a dark skinned victim. Today it’s starting to slowly change but it’s still very present. We just have to keep fighting for equality. Me being a Latinix, having gone through racism and our in-equality going un-seen, I really beleive we should find a way to bring down this racism massively. I hate hearing, ”You’re not like the other latinos! Can you move this desk for me, I’ll give you money! Go mow a law you un-employeed swimmer.” I literally have to hold myself back from hitting these people with a rake.

Remember people, racism isn’t just black and white.

2 thoughts on “Being Racist When You Don’t Even Know It.”

  1. i think that your argument is strong and i believe that racism still exist in today’s world, but it’s being hidden. I remember watching a show in 2020 called “what would you do” and it portrayed the same example you stated in your post. whenever people saw a group of african americans trying to get into a car ,there was an immediate action in people calling 911.On the other hand ,whenever people saw white people doing the same action , consequently few people took action ,but nothing compared to the african american group

  2. Racism is subliminal as well. Throughout social media things that are seen as “trendy” white people are associated with it anything “old new” black people are associate with it. Cosmopolitan a popular magazine was just guilty of this crime. Its a real eye opener I never noticed it until it was pointed out.

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