WordPress Confused

Now That I have found an Efficient tutorial to give me some ideas on how to modify my website, My admin log-in changes every time I go back to my admin page. Give me some time to figure this out and I am sure I can work this site like a pro.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Confused”

  1. It was probably a really good idea to post a video like this because I’m pretty sure that you aren’t the only person who is struggling with their website, especially since we’re on break and have to figure everything out by ourselves.

    1. Yes Ashpet, this process has been confusing, Thanx for the compliment reclaim hosting does respond to emails and they also do help a great deal. I have made it past that difficult hump I was climbing. When you get a chance check my website if it is not too much and leave a comment. Yachtboimusic.com -JWOLF31

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