Violation of Privacy

  I recently came across this website called Instant Checkmate it’s a background check service. I’m not sure how new it is but I’ve only just heard about it. When first saw it I was under the impression that it was free so I went through the notions of looking up myself. The website claims to have access to things such as birthdays, criminal records, phone numbers, and  even family members. I saw when I was doing it the names of my immediate family members came up. I also saw that my age and location came up, which was a bit creepy. There was an option to include family members in my report so I selected my parents and my brothers. Towards the end of it where the time came to access the information that had been loaded I saw that it was a service that had to be paid for. I didn’t go through with it because I didn’t see the point on paying for information that I already know about myself. But curiosity did strike me as to what was actually in that document, was all of the information accurate? is some of it misleading? Maybe one day I’ll actually pay for it to settle my curiosity. If everything is accurate, I am very uncomfortable with the idea that someone can access all of my information with just a small fee. The website also didn’t fail to advertise that fact that the people who have been searched will never know they were searched. It seems like a serious violation of privacy, I understand the concept of the wesbite, to get to know new people and look up old people, but our information is available for anyone to view for a small price! I feel like their selling out privacy! I can’t be the only one that finds that a bit degrading. What if that information gets in the hands of someone who wants to harm you? I always knew that the internet wasn’t a private place but after the discovery of instant checkmate I feel like I don’t have privacy anywhere. 

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