I went onto the ds106 assignment bank and found another interesting assignment. This assignment was to generate a ‘WANTED’ Poster using an image of someone, and typing why they’re wanted and the reward. I’ve been playing this video game called Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc which is a GREAT visual novel game on the Playstation Vita. The main antagonist of the game is called Monokuma, the little bear you see in the Wanted poster. Looks can be deciving as this ‘teddy bear’ is quite dangerous and a complete sadist who has trapped these fifteen elite students in a high school and forces them to kill each other off if they wish to escape, but they would have to all take part in a trial to figure out who murdered who by using evidence they have found. If they choose correctly, the murderer gets punished aka executed in a very creative way regarding their utlimate career/skill. If they do not choose correctly, the murderer gets to leave the school while the rest die.

Glad my high school wasn’t like that!

Here’s the link to the assignment if you wish to try it out. Click~

Lets hope something like this doesn’t become a reality in the future…


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