Cool Stuff so far on my website!


This week, I updated and added more content to my website:

I posted two new digital projects . “An Alphabet Food Collage in Pink”, which is a visual assignment requiring a food collage in alphabetical order. Due to remixing the assignment, the collage is tinted pink. I challenge everyone try to sing the alphabet,not the letters but the foods that are in my collage. More details on the post Link to assingment on ds106 bank: A-Z Food Collage Remixed with Pretty in Pink

Next, I posted “A Song/Instrumental by Yours Truly“,which showcases my skill in music production. Here is the link to the assignment from ds106 bank: “Play DJ and Make a Song”. I would love to hear thoughts and comments on the instrumental I created using FL Studio.

I am still working on modifying the appearance of the website. However, I definitely can see how having a website and domain name is beneficial to digital storytellers. I hope you all like my website and posts. Feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!




Author: pandagirlswag

20. Aspiring Music Producer/Entertainer. College Junior majoring in Coummunications Tech at York

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