Should Athletes Get Paid

It STILL March Madness and college basketball players are like celebrities of their hometown and the biggest question in the back of everyone’s mind is as they cheer on there favorite team is should they be getting paid?

The NCAA is major widely publicized basketball tournament that both men and women play. (But lets be real all the attention is on male athletes not women.) March Madness has become a huge market for business its estimated to be making $6 billion annually. Coaches are getting huge payouts and colleges are getting a nice slice of that pie but what about those hard working players. The players who are attending the prominent college with the acceptance rate of 10.8% on full scholarship. They players there for the education but are forced into the spotlight because its the only way would have every been able to attend such a prestigious school.

Seriously though Duke University, home of the future 2015 NCAA champions Duke Blue Devils (yes i said it I’ll bet anyone on that) head coach Mike Krzyzewski raked in just a small amount of $9,682,032 last year and became the highest paid college coach of 2014. This year he has already made $6,043,979 and counting you know the year isn’t over he has a lot of HARD WORK ahead of him. If a coach can make this much I ask anyone reading this should the players should be getting a cut and lowering the coaches salary a bit?

IMO if a coach is making that much yelling at me from the bench and I’m risking my health dunking a ball then I should be getting payed twice as much as he is.TBH its crazy who gets payed the big bucks in this world. I know it takes talent to dunk a ball and make a basket from half court, to hit a home-run, or throw a 40yrd touchdown pass its really entertaining, but we need to acknowledge those who apply their minds just as much as those who apply there bodies.

One thought on “Should Athletes Get Paid”

  1. I liked your use of cartoons to convey your thoughts.

    Considering the ridiculous business college sports has become, I don’t think universities should act as if academics are always the top of their concerns when they are collectively raking in billions from these young athletes.

    They should get a larger stipend for their efforts, I believe.

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