An Alphabet Food Collage…in Pink!

For this week, I completed a random visual assignment from the ds1o6 assignment bank. This was the A-Z Food Collage Remixed with Pretty in Pink. This assignment requires you to create of college of different foods in order of the alphabet. However, I decided to “remix” it with another assignment to make it more interesting. After choosing it the “remix it” option, I was given “Pretty Pink”, which basically means to make your assignment the color pink.  The application I used for this assignment is PicMonkey, my primary source for picture editing. I figured this assignment would be a piece of cake. When it came down to choosing the foods, I must admit it was slightly more challenging than I thought. At first, I honestly could not come up with foods that began with certain letters off the top of my head.  There are barely any foods that I know of start with letters Q,U,X and Z. Using the beloved google search, I ended finding quesadillas, upside down cake, xavier stake, and zebra cake. Interesting…but at least they begin with the correct letters.  After getting all the foods in order, I added a nice tint of pink to make it look pretty. I encourage everyone to take a turn at the assignment and see if you can come up with something similar or different than my outcome. Hope you all like my pretty in pink food collage!

P.S : A great challenge would be to sing the alphabet but instead of the letters, sing the names of the foods on the collage!

food college in pink

By pandagirlswag

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