Shelby the Turtle

As you may or may not recall for my Computer Graphics class I had to create a character. For the first assignment I had to depict an event from the characters life using Photoshop. For this assignment I had to create the character himself using Illustrator. I don’t have Illustrator on my home computer so I took a screen shot of the work that I’ve done on the school computer, and here it is(as you can see my character is a turtle):

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.30.15 PMI had so much fun doing this assignment. The professor said that she wanted our characters to be simplistic and made out of basic shapes and lines. It was fun creating all of the shapes and piecing them together. I’ve never used Illustrator before this project but I think I might like it better than Photoshop. Even though there used for different things I think that Illustrator is more simple and straight forward than Photoshop.


CT101 Digital Storytelling