Copy Right Lawsuits is it being taken to far?

Blurred Lines became one of the most popular if not the most controversial song of 2013. When the song came out it instantly became the hit of summer 2013 but was quickly out in the summer of 2013. What started out as a great summer song was quickly becoming a controversial topic after the music video came out. The song began to be picked apart for its lyrics, video and melody by music lovers and the media.


I would you change copyright law if I were in charge by allowing the artist to make the decision if they will allow their work to be used in someone else’s work. Picture working your butt off on something being proud of it and showing it off for then someone else to take your work without your permission to use it in your piece without giving you any credit. I’m sorry but NO ME GUSTA. Fair use if it’s used as a review piece or an example to describe another piece of work so no I wouldn’t change fair use as long as CREDIT IS GIVEN.

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  1. Hey there ennovyneusami interesting post! I certainly agree that artists should be the ones to decide if they want other’s to use their work. It’s true artists work really hard and put a lot of thought and effort into creating their work. Copy right is similar to plagiarism in college!

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