Zyan Malik causes girls to suicide!!!


Zayn Malik’s departure caused a lot of shock to One Direction fans and even non fans, The majority of whom are 12-20 year old females. On Twitter, fans began to upload pictures of themselves cutting their wrists in a way to show their disapproval of Zayn Malik leaving the group which made him who he is today.
Authorities are reporting that six have already committed suicide because of Zayn’s departure. Authorities have also revealed that they were all females within the age range of 11-15. Authorities have chose to conceal the identities of the deceased and their method of suicide. “I can’t believe it” says the mother of one of the girls who committed suicide, “I never thought it would end like this for her, for a petty reason like that boy leave his group”, finished the mother as she began to cry for her daughter.
“Tragic”, says psychologist Anna Henley, “for individuals to take their own life’s for a reason like that, just shows how much power these artists and celebrities have over people, and it’s not a good thing”. Authorities are also looking for any other reasons why the girls could have committed suicide other than for the reason of Zayn leaving One Direction. Subscribe to huzlers.com and we will keep you updated on future news.


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I feel really sorry for Zayn because since he left over 2000 people have taken their own lives and there is a hashtag called #cutforzayn which 1000’s of people have done. Just imagine how Zayn feels..


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