GOVERNING FREE…at whose expense?

I am one who has used the digital media in several of my papers, cards, invitations etc. before I had any knowledge of copyright infringements. I ALWAYS gave credit to the media owner, so my instructor’s know it’s not my original piece. Fast forward to 2015, I am now bombarded with copyright, fair use and infringement of artists income on their creative pieces! I realize that in my ignorance, I was in bliss because my conscience never had to process all the new information I now have. I was never aware that such politics exist, and  as a result was never fearful to post my poetry, which i  expected if it was good someone might want to use it or share it…simple or is it?However, when I listened to the speaker on dcontruct, I am learning that the producers of the media does not necessarily oppose to people like me and you(students) who are using the media to complete assignments, but the greater opposition is to the false protection offered by these larger companies who wants the profits to go to them at the owners expense,  The publishers and the digital companies are promising to keep your work locked and safe, but in essence it is being locked up from you the artist. So you become the one in the deal that is held hostage by someone who has the ability to make you money or cut you off. The thing to keep in mind is that you cannot get fame without the help of these big giants. You are unknown until you feed into one of the vehicles that can take you out of obscurity…but once you get on the vehicle your worth begins to depreciate and in actuality you are handing over your rights to them to cover copyrights. Ultimately, they decide how much money you make or not make because they now have control. The speaker ended his speech with a moving conclusion when he states that he supports “free and fair internet use” because he is not just thinking about his future, but the future of his daughter. My daughter paints and she is only ten, she is unknown and at some point she has to come out of obscurity and be exposed…I want creative artist to be paid for their creativity and that can be achieved if the big giants are willing to get less and let more funnel downward to the artists…my simple solution in a complex debate…the saga continues.

Oh….I didn’t know!

Now I am scared….the law is after us!

CT101 Digital Storytelling