Copyright? Is it right or are they wrong?

Copyright is a law that protects permanently fixed original work in some form that can be seen or heard. Only the copyright owner has the right to use their work. Individuals are forbidden to  use a copyright work without permission from the  copyright owner. Anyone who  violates the law will have to  pay for the copyright use.

Books, plays, music, dance and pictures can be copyrighted.  An idea cannot have a copyright.  A copyright lasted for 14 years which was considered long enough for the copyright owner to make money from the work. The time frame was increased to 17 years.

The idea that these works are available on public domain,  implies that it is free for everyone to use.  So my question is, am I wrong, to use copyrighted material on a public domain? 

So, Fair Use is a limitation on copyright?It seems like I can use a small amount of the copyright material to teach,  for news reports,  and critical commenting. Fair use is determined by the nature, amount and commercial implications. This is all very complicated…so my rule is…I would not try to make money with any original material or works, and that is my way balancing fair use and copyright .

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