Sunday Night Wars

Tomorrow’s the day that’ll hold the biggest choice for me to make. That’s either to watch Wrestlemania 31, or tune into the season finale of the Walking Dead. It’s a pretty hard choice to make. Wrestlemania 31 has Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker, Sting vs. Triple H, and my favorite female competitor Paige competing. The Walking Dead on the other hand is going to have an insane send off for the finale of season 5, which I don’t want to miss.. What to choose… *Cue Rick Grimes close up*


  1. When in doubt watch them all.The walking dead will rerun the show again like at midnight. So watch Wrestlemania first then watch the walking dead and your excitement level will be through the roof. Who cares if you got a 9am class. You only get to be surprised once by the morning everyone will have spoiled everything.

  2. I agree, The Walking Dead all the way, we have to find out what Rick’s gotten himself into. this episode is going to be insane. At least I really hope so. Lol.

  3. I ended up watching Wrestlemania 31 instead, and I do not regret it one bit. Probably one of the greatest Wrestlemanias in WWE history. As for the Walking Dead, I stayed up until 2 am watching the season finale and the Talking Dead. I am so happy no one important died.

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