Lies you tell !

There is no particular work i’ve made that I feel I shouldn’t put online. However, theres this thing called cat fishing, where people take your pictures and start a whole new social media site with them. There is that fear that someone could be pretending to be you and you have no idea.  People typically react to this by starting to put watermarks on their pictures and of course blasting them on social media.

So for people who are afraid of having their work stolen, I suggest putting watermarks on your work. This will show us who really supports the artwork or who just wants to steal.

My favorite quote from the DConstruct podcast states, “anytime time you put a lock on something and don’t receive a key , that lock is not put there for your benefit”. I agree with this quote because you shouldn’t associate your work with a company that takes your ownership away whilst it is supposed to protect your work from being stolen.



CT101 Digital Storytelling