Doing Business in 21st Century

Cory Doctorow’s recent Keynote at DConstruct raised such interesting issues I never knew existed. “We treat successful artist with a reverence bordering on worship.” Doctorow explains how those who were successful last year gets to be successful again this year due to their worshiping consumers. I agree with this quote because successful artists ends up  limiting competition and creativity.

Another quote I really enjoyed was “Anytime someone has put a lock to something that belongs to you and won’t give you the key they didn’t put that lock there for your benefit” This quote explains how companies “protect and lock” your work from being stolen while allowing others to inspect and manipulate your work. By the time you want to break the lock your customers are bonded with the company and you have to start at ground zero.

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This impacts me because one day, maybe tomorrow I want to contribute more to the internet and create something that pays but without being stifled. It makes doing business difficult with companies either giving you the run around or bullying you into submission.


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