Beyond Disappointed

I’m SOOOO disappointed. On Thursday I decided that I would make a “How To/ DIY” video for my website and this website as well. I recorded the videos and sat down to edit them. the first part of the video uploaded just fine, but the second part of the video has been a complete nightmare. I’m working with Windows Live Movie Maker on my Acer laptop and it’s saying my file format is wrong and that the file can possibly be corrupt, but I know that it’s not. My short temper has come out full force, and now I’m sitting here trying to alleviate my stress by ‘Woosa-ing’  and vigorously typing out my aggravations. I’m trying to figure out how I can fix this problem, but in the mean time here are some gifs.

So, this is exactly how I felt today…

Now, I’m sitting here like…

On a semi-brighter side, at least I’ve made some progress with my site. I’ve changed some of the footer options and hid certain things. I think the site is coming along really well for me. I feel it’s already starting to represent what I want it to, it feels very welcoming. Hopefully I can get all this video madness sorted out soon!

2 thoughts on “Beyond Disappointed”

  1. Hang in there! This is a great post! Bring your lap top to class and let your classmates and your professor help troubleshoot the problem! 😉

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