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For this response assignment I viewed this video about emoticons and how they have transformed the world of writing as well as texting. From what I gathered from this article emoticons date back all the way to the 1800’s, although they weren’t popular there were a handful of people that pretty much endorsed the concept of the emoticon. Back then people thought that they were a nice way to lighten the mood and and present written work in a more playful way, which is exactly what we use them for in the 21st century. Emotions are used in text messages and blog posts to express emotion that words can’t express alone. We use them to express what we are feeling weather it be happy, sad, or angry. Now, rather than creating text emoticons a lot of things come with emojis which are small pre made characters that we can use for expression. Emoticons have been around my entire life I can’t imagine how different things would be if we didn’t have them. It seems a little dramatic to say that about this small animated characters but they really have the ability to change the entire meaning of a sentence.tumblr_static_95p88l86si88ks4w4wws04wk8

CT101 Digital Storytelling