What is in my Bag….More like WHAT ISN’T?

What’s In Your Bag?

My purse is a pretty moderate size, but it carries so much stuff. What is in the purse? Typical girl stuff. Make up (Variety of lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow,eyeliner, and powder). The funny thing is that I don’t even wear that much make up on a regular basis but only when I go out for the nightlife. Plain Jane by Day, Wild one by Night……Anyways. Also, there is the tooth comb and hair brush for obvious reasons (Hair can get out of whack sometimes!). I have my mini perfume, to smell like cotton candy. Some mini lotion, for ashy alerts.Lastly, we have my wallet which consists of my money, credit cards, and identification. This wallet used to be a phone case for my Galaxy Note 4 but works much better as a storage for my cards. I never take my wallet entirely out of the bag because It would the uttermost tragic thing to lose it of course.Also, there is some loose change hanging in the bottom of the bag which I might need just in case I’m short on exact change. I don’t think that all of this stuff is merely necessary to carry around all of time but you just never know what type of emergencies you run to in life where you need to pull certain things out of your bag.


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2 thoughts on “What is in my Bag….More like WHAT ISN’T?”

  1. Hey, this seems like a pretty cool project to do! I can’t help but notice how similar our bag essentials are! I pack for pretty much every situation because you never know what can happen. I recently included bandaids in my bag and the prove to be quite handy in some situations!

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