First Project ever

My first project ever is finally done! I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to finish this and become familiar with photoshop but its finally over (*wipes sweat off forehead*). My character’s name is  Kandy and she is a shape shifter. Kandy shifts based on emotion  and in this photo, she is depicted seeing ghosts for the first time while traveling.myriamEdouard_284Even though this is not a Ds106 specific assignment, i do consider this to be a design project. If you were wondering, This is a picture of a train from the transit museum in Brooklyn. However, I did not take the picture myself because I found it on Flickr. The inspiration of how I depicted my character comes from the antique train. I figured since the train was so old that, hey, maybe their should be some ghosts on here :).

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Also are the digital storytelling projects supposed to be ds106 assignment specific or can i create something in those categories?

CT101 Digital Storytelling