When Copyright Went Left

Based on recent headlines, it’s clear what Robin Thicke thought was allowable, actually wasn’t.  The number one, most popular song in 2013, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Pharell Williams, and T.I. recently lost a lawsuit of 7.4 million dollars.  The artists were sued by Marvin Gaye’s family, who accused them of copyright from one of his previous hits.

What exactly is copyright?

This funny Disney video we watched in class was a great way to explain what copyright means.

It just sucks to see that there is always a catch to everything.  Just when you think you’re safe while signing legal documents to publish your work, there’s always a blurred line you don’t realize that bites you in the ass later on. I guess this teaches a lesson as to how things can go from right to left when you’re inspired by others artistic work and want to use it as a template to help create your own version.

Author: taylor29

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One thought on “When Copyright Went Left”

  1. I finally read a couple of articles about the Blurred Lines case and man it looks like they are getting screwed. The Gaye Estate is basically arguing that the song ‘sounds’ too much like a Marvin Gaye song. They put together on TechDirt a great MIDI-ized version of Marvin Gaye’s music to the lyrics of Pharell and Thicke. AND OH MY GOD THEY LINE UP!

    Duh, big shocker as many, many lyrics would line up with many, many beats/arrangements of other songs. You could call that due to something as small as being in the small genre of music. Terrible ruling. I hope they appeal.

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