To Starve or Not to Starve…

Sometimes people think that in order to lose a substantial amount of weight and fast, their best bet is to starve themselves when in fact that is one of the most dangerous ways to lose weight. By starving yourself or triggering starvation mode your metabolism begins to slowly shut down and now your body is fighting to contain calories so that you don’t really starve. Eventually, that runs out and now you’re extremely hungry. Most people cave as soon as the stomach growling kicks in which leads to immense over eating that you now have no control over.

All in all, was starving yourself really worth it? You’re just going to end up caving. So, why do people starve themselves? Because, they think it’s a faster way to lose weight with lack of exercise. Here’s a solution, try cleaning up the way you eat instead of having fried foods try having it baked, instead of eating potato chips have some kale chips. By changing the way you eat to cleaner smaller portions it doesn’t matter how frequently you eat. You’ll eventually start seeing changes in your body that you’d never have seen before with failed attempts at starvation. Your body is your machine and just like a machine, it needs fuel in order to work. Think about it. DON’T STARVE YOURSELF!

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