One of the reasons why I took this class is because I needed to understand more of the “under the hood” workings of the digital world. Jim Groom uses the term “under the hood” and I think it is so appropriate to promote understanding of the digital world and demonstrate how do-able some of the digital projects we see are. . I didn’t realize that some of the things that I am doing now, like creating a gif etc. is something I would create instead of just admiring from afar. Jim Groom’s idea of access or a space of expression as I put it, is important to end the isolation of the ‘regular’ person like myself and those who are a bit  more technological skillful.  A student may want to have a “domain of one’s own” as a place to explore their thoughts, have a voice and control over publishing what they are interested in or what they want to share with the digital world. The idea of a domain of one’s own is to own, maintain and manage it’s content. It can be a lifelong digital experience that transcends a particular period. The world we live in today is a digital world. At some point in our lives we will meet with digital technology…the banks and other institutions that are service agencies are pushing to allow more autonomy. They are expecting people to take more charge of their personal information. The banks are investing in a lot of new technology that increases independence and dependence on others to meet their needs.

Some people have domain names for their personal and professional use so they can better market themselves and their businesses. A lot of professional people don’t have to carry a whole lot of files around, they carry everything in a phone, tablet etc. The digital age is here. Professionals like to have the control at their fingertips. I had a meeting with a banker yesterday….she did all our business on her phone…we were emailing documents and sending documents onto her office so that while we meet, simultaneously, paperwork she needs taken care of was being taken care of because of her use of technology. I was impressed!  Professionals can network and communicate with other colleagues instantly.Professional domain names gives the individual an identity that other professionals can relate to, network with, advertise their product or their service. Domains can be customized, it can tell about the professional, offer support and share information over a wider audience. Everyone is taking the PLUNGE into the digital world.


CT101 Digital Storytelling