Why Domain of One’s Own

As we all know tecnology is taking over and because of that colleges are changing their systems. Having a domain of one’s own plays an important role in students education, the program helps us students have “our own portfolio” our own privacy and at the same time we are able to showcase what we can do to the world. Not only that but we can find information to help us advance by getting different ideas from others to incorporate in our work. I think professionals use this site to promote their work and provide information for others. Its a seems like a great program specially for computer freaks ha! 🙂 .. Since im a journalism major I would like to be able to post articles and my own photos, read other articles from journalists to get ideas, and just have acces to all kinds of work. It would be great to incorporate into my site all things I can learn from this class, so a mixture of both.


2 thoughts on “Why Domain of One’s Own”

  1. This a thoughtful answer and indeed true. How about adding a contextual link to a supporting example, or posting a GIF that expresses this statement? That would be a great way to enhance your response.

  2. You should definitely look for journalists/writers out there which use the web in ways you find interesting and important. I’m sure you know certain types of journalists totally inhabit the web, and in particular Twitter. But for those like yourself, a site, a blog, a twitter feed can all be ways of presenting your thinking as well as traditional portfolio items (clips and the like).

    What kinds of writing do you aspire to do? Does it mess well with being out there online in any particular way?

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