If it’s all *free* how do we get paid?

Is there work you’ve made or a friend has made that you feel you shouldn’t put online because you’re afraid it will be stolen? Copied without your permission? Are you afraid to post online certain work out of fear it will be stolen?

Consider Cory Doctorow’s Second Law – Fame Won’t Make You Rich, But You Can’t Get Paid Without It, from his new book “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age.” If you can’t get a copy of his book, then listen to his recent Keynote at DConstruct. Or read reviews at NPR or McSweeney’s quotes a few or find your own! Find a quote or thought from Doctorow’s 2nd Law and agree or disagree with it. Consider it in the context of your own work you or a friend is afraid to share online.

One thought on “If it’s all *free* how do we get paid?”

  1. Those reading or listening piece are done only when my household is asleep. However, the deconstruct piece was informative yet humorous. I have noticed that the artistic types have a great sense of humor…I don’t blame them, after a while I just have to laugh at the entire dialogue because it is utterly confusing yet simple! I would still post online…because there is a serious audience out there to connect with.,.

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