Hey I got a domain name

I’ll admit that I have missed class. However I watched the tutorial that Michael Smith and Ryan Seaslow made. I learned how to make my own domain name step by step. I really thought it was a good idea to have my own blog. I’ll finally get to show everyone what I  like to do on my own time. I’ll even take pictures of food that I cook at home. I have so many ideas. However, I’m limited on time. Sometimes, I wish I had more time to make my own tutorial on cooking, and makeup.Here is one of the pictures I worked on my own time. I like to edit pictures by enhancing them. I hope you like it. It was at a Glitz and Glam event. Which is an event for girls who like makeup, fashion, beauty, and jewelry. I used an app I have on my phone, which is called PhotoDirector . I really like using it. Its a really good app on an android. I’m not sure if apple has this app. I almost forgot to mention my blog name is sofiyackasmoda.com



  1. A food blog could be a fun start! And as you gain a level of comfort with the site you can just keep adding to it as you have time. It doesn’t have to happen all at once.

    Let us know how this app works, I’m not exactly sure what’s being digital manipulated. And remember you can always link to sites as well, such as a description of the app!

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