When It Comes to Fair Use, Everyone’s Clueless

I just finished reading Richard Prince’s case and there was this one sentence that I completely agree with. ”Everyone thinks they know what fair use is, but not even attorneys, judges, and juries can agree on a clear definition.” this right here. Fair Use is a touchy subject nowadays and a big thing in Youtube. No one can really come to terms what fair use is. The ones getting sued have the right to use it if they’re not making profit out of it, while courts and comapnies see it as ‘if they’re using it in their videos or use it for something. COPYRIGHT.’ It’s like the whole Nintendo issue of them not wanting their games to be in videos on Youtube, while every other companies are completely fine with it. Nintendo thinks they’re losing profit just because their games are being shown.. when you think about it, it’s free advertisement for Nintendo. games. Why is Nintendo demanding money or threatening to sue?

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