Transitioning to a Healthier YOU!!!

Disclaimer: Before you go on any nutritional journey contact your doctor and make sure you’re engaging in a health regimen that is safe for you.

Nearly everyone around the world’s New Year’s resolution is to be healthier, go to the gym more, cut out bad foods from their diets, and the list goes on. But why do people seem to always fall off of their resolutions? That’s an easy one, not everyone falls off, but majority of people do and that’s because to them it’s just a resolution and nothing more. In order to be committed to a healthier you, you have consider this transition a Lifestyle change and not just a resolution.  Try to cross that word out of your vocabulary because wanting to be healthy should not be a temporary feeling, it should be a permanent change.

How to transition from living a normal and unhealthy lifestyle to living a healthy and fulfilling life:

  • Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow

Tomorrow NEVER comes in the world of procrastination. Just because you may have had an unhealthy breakfast doesn’t mean your lunch and dinner has to be unhealthy too. Tomorrow doesn’t justify a clean slate, you do. Start eating healthy right now and you’ll begin to fell better.

  • Don’t give up everything all at once

If you regularly eat unhealthily then start of slow. This is NOT a diet (cross that word out of your vocabulary too). There is no rush in a lifestyle change. Start off by eliminating things from your everyday regimen and replacing it with healthier options for instance, something that I eliminated from my regimen is soda which is full of sugar and high in calories and I replaced it with zero-calorie seltzer water. It’s bubbly and satisfying. Try it.

  • Make time for home cooked meals

Eating out and ordering in are easy and convenient to most people, but it can be damaging to staying on a healthy regimen. By making home cooked meals you have complete control over everything that you eat and most importantly WHAT GOES INTO THE FOOD YOU EAT.

  • Meal-prep time

What does it mean to meal prep? Meal prepping means to prepare meals for a whole week. This helps prevent you from eating out and snacking throughout the day because you have your meals already there and waiting for you. Also, invest in some really good tupperware because when you prepare food for a week you might need to keep the rest of the week’s food in the freezer and you DON’T want your food to get freezer burn (some good brands are Rubbermaid and Ziploc).

Try some of these tips when you’re ready to transition and I guarantee it will be easier to stay motivated. If no one else is going to motivate you, then be your own motivation!!

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