I procrastinate, and I procrastinate HARD. But, it’s even harder to get things done when on Wednesday nights at 9pm Empire is on FOX 5 and little did I know that we were getting an extra hour of Empire I had to shut down all my electronics and tune in to this crazy show. Who doesn’t love to watch Cookie and her crazy yet genius antics, Jamal and his strength as a homosexual and his amazing vocals, Andre and his bipolar disorder, but still fighting for a company (that I kind of think he should run), Hakeem and his rap bars and love for older women, and finally Lucious and his love for the business more than his love for his family. This show is incredible and I made this gif on makeagif.com where I uploaded a video from YouTube and cropped the video within this site. This was to showcase my excitment for last night’s episode. In the wise words of Sam Smith, “I know I’m not the ONLY one!”


Will_Smith_Funny_Dance_Moves (1) click it.


  1. Nice reaction to a show you love. I encourage you to emphasize your infatuation with the show by GIFfing the crap out of it while you watch (or after). Let the interwebs be your guide, see what others do (and you may redo).

    And for your entertainment, I just happened to also make bit of the Fresh Prince, from of all things a 1-900 number he and DJ Jazzy Jeff had in the 80s. For $2 a minute you could hear the latest in hip-hop news on their ‘new rap hotline.’

  2. YES! Last nights episode was amazing. I have to disagree with you though because I was so happy Jamal won the Empire. It was a great twist as one would think Luscious disliked Jamal the most.

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