Glimpse At the Latest Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Scowering through the DS106 assignment bank, looking for a relatively manageable project with my schedule in mind, I came across the following assignment which directed me to a card generating link.

Essentially, it was a website which enable users, you would have to create an account, to piece together there own playing card. Now, this ranges across a few series of popular series which we have to choose from.

I took the delight to move ahead with my own Yu-Gi-Oh card, which brought back great memories from my childhood. I creepily located a picture of our very own CT 101 professor, Michael B. Smith, and proceeded to generate a newly minted card for us to see.

I noticed that when piecing it together, the urge to somewhat amplify, glorify, and give a larger then life persona to anything we are building can be a very infectious tendency. Not that our professor isn’t deserving of this, but no one wants to come across with flaws whilst on such a public forum, as reflected in this card.

Anyways, here is the link if you want to make your own playing card. There is also Pokemon, and Magic cards you can bring to life:


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