I Acapella’d with myself!

In my second blog post, I talked about what projects I would like to do from the Ds106 assignment bank. One project I really wanted to do was the A Capella with yourself project. This project requires you to record yourself singing your favorite song in at least three different tracks. Over the weekend, I randomly started singing one of my favorite songs by the one only Michael Jackson called “Butterflies”. Then, I started thinking about harmonies and how nice it sounds in acapella because it is such a beautiful song. Therefore, I decided to use this song for the project. The program that I used to do the cover is Mixcraft 5, which is where I produce all of my work. I recorded vocals, snaps and hi hats. It took about a few days to complete. I might have done more than I was required to do because the cover is a minute long and the project was only supposed to be 15-20 seconds long. I just really enjoy doing projects of this sort and I just could not limit myself. I think the hardest part of this project was getting the right tempo and trying to keep the snapping sounds on beat with the vocals. Overall, I think it came out pretty good and I hope you all agree and enjoy. Note: I am not much of a singer, That is something I am trying to improve on

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  1. Holy Christmas that was good! You should definitely submit your work directly to the assignment so other people in ds106 might find it. And I’ve never heard of/used Mixcraft5. Have you ever thought about making a screencast tutorial? You could use this project as an example and teach others how you do what you do so awesomely!

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