What is this site for?

Why would a student like to have a “domain of one’s own?” Why do you think other people have their own domain name for professional/personal use? Listen to the interview on Tech Therapy with Jim Groom the educational technologist who coined the phrase “domain of one’s own,” and has been working with his university to have faculty and students use a web domain to help craft their digital identity? Respond to this idea of a ‘domain of one’s own’ by answering the first two questions above. Also, how will you choose your domain name? Will it be based on your name? A quote? An ethos? A theme? And how do I know if it’s available!

What directions do you want your site to take possibly other than a personal identity space? Is there a particular project you’d like to use your site for? Would you like it to follow a particular cultural phenomena? Build a community around it? Do you want posts from your site to feed to the CT101.us site? Why or why not?

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