Solo Vocal Trio


Went on DS106 and found this nifty project. The goal was to record yourself singing a song three times. The guy did a full song, I did about 37 seconds, lol. it was both fun and challenging. Especially finding the song. I did not know what song I wanted; took me forever. It was even harder trying to match up each recording to match one another. Anyway, Its not the best; nor is it the worst. Trying something new was the best part. I used Audacity to create the project. I believe the only way to hear it is to download it, unless your on a smart phone.  Tell me what you think…of the project lol.

5 thoughts on “Solo Vocal Trio”

  1. Nice job doing an audio assignment. And cool that you’re using Audacity! A first time for you?

    What’s so cool about this assignment is that you’ve stumbled upon a really commonly used mixing technique which involves adding a delay to a vocal track. Because you can’t possibly sing each version precisely the same, there are small variations on the timing. Some bits are a little earlier and/or a little later than other bits. And to our ears these small time differences do not allow us to distinguish the sounds separately, so we hear them as a single sound. This makes it sound more ‘roomy’ or ‘reverberant.’

    I dig your track. You should submit this post to the assignment, so others might hear it!

    1. That actually was my first time using that. Its pretty fun, I got my little brother into it. I had to do about 10 retakes (give to take) if it was not me messing up, it was my dog barking or my mom asking me if I wanted tea lol. Think I’m gonna go on a hunt for more audio projects; they’re fun.

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