The poll in class today assisted me in getting my act together in terms of the time I spend outside class on my assignments. So after I left class today, I drove for two hours in the snow to pick up my children. We went to the hospital to visit their grandfather, got home made dinner. I was so tired after dinner, that I had to take a nap which took me 10 ‘o clock. Now I am up and energized I am here writing my blog and reflecting on my day.

The “blog post check in” really helped me today to re-evaluate how I have been doing regarding my blogs. The blog post check-in gave some guidance as to ways to make my blog into a digital story masterpiece. Each piece of writing is a story, so as such title, format, grammar, climax is all a part of the elements of the story, people’s interest in my piece will depend on my effort in writing a noteworthy piece.

I am ready for this…I have my domain name from the first day of class. I can’t wait to begin my metamorphosis



  1. I agree. These polls are very helpful. It allows you to evaluate yourself and helps you get your act together. Your gif is a great way to depict it!

  2. I am curious…if I post on my wordpress site, does it post to our class blog site? I am not seeing the things I have on my site posting to our class blog feed. Am I missing a step???

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