Why Is This Still So Funny?

Despite a nearly two year lapse, the iconic scene of R&B Star Miguel adornning one of his fans up close and personal, with no hesitation.

More often then not, if we are hearing a favorite artist to have him or her serenate us, we don’t usually expect them to give us this extra love. By that, I refer to the theatrics and cinematopgraphy individuals make an attempt at portraying. And no, I’m especially not interested in seeing Miguel showcase his dance skills, I don’t know him for that, I feel it is essentially filler within a performance.

Certain voices can make it grander then the A or B track, like The Beatles, Rich Homie Quan, or Ammy Virk, and don’t have to resort to this. Others are presented and make a career out of the moniker, “total package”; Michael Jackson, Bobby Shurmda, or even Diljit Dosanjh. The latter probably make it look so easy guys like this and others think they can spend their time showing us their steps.

In short, stick to what you know and masterfully display it. Get some dancers if it irks you for some kinesthetic, but don’t hide the talents which make comprise your fanbase.

Because it’s all fun and moves until someone gets a leg-dropped!


3 thoughts on “Why Is This Still So Funny?”

  1. Yessss when I saw this I almost passed out from laughter. Poor guy thought he could jump that far lol love this gif love it

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