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Every weekend I take a stroll by neighborhood do a little grocery shopping and gather up that fresh air. But there is one place i try avoid on a Saturday.



People spend $$$ to buy the latest pair of Jordans. By the way its the same style just different color schemes. But you got to have the latest pair.

Now there are people who buy “deadstock” prices so if the pair were $220 they will buy it when there sold out from a seller/vendor for $600-$3000 depending on how rare they are. If they are rare, then you got this in your store.

Fight in Footlocker Over Jordan's


I think there only adorable on tiny feet plus there cheaper not Goliath feet.Couples love to post their matching pair on instagram, tumblr, etc. But I’ll be damn to wait on these lines in the freezing cold snowy rain weather. I knew a guy who stood outside from 6am in 13 degrees for 4hrs just to cope the newest pair.

Then there shoes get dirty and they buy a new pair.

Unless your the sneakerhead with a million pairs of shoes they’ll never wear.

Boy in my HS new the history of Jordans could recite every pair, the year, significance, and had like every pair. Clearly didn’t graduate.



  1. I don’t know. One person’s obsession seems like I’ll spent time to another. The sneaker head is just another type of nerd with a passion for all the things that world like minded people care about. Of course anyone who comes to blows over anything has other issues beyond being an ardent collector.

    But the nerdishness and I mean that in a positive way, of loving something so much that you also are compelled to share your interest with others is what I think lots of communities are built around. In particular web based social networks have this in spades. It could be based on sports, fan fiction, fashion, a particular show, celebrity – it’s endless really. And the share remix, re blog, repost, and anything else they can think of to show their nerd like interest in that something.

  2. ^ This was a great way to explain it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like sneakers. But there are things people do for sneakers that I personally would never do.
    Reminds me of the movie Lottery Ticket when Bow Wow was working at Foot Locker.

  3. I would never ever spend so much bread $$$$ on a damn sneakers!!! My philosophy is as long as the shoes that i’m gonna buy is good for keeping my foot safe, i will buy it.

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