Stay Away from the Creepy Tree.

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After today’s discussion in class about some of our favorite social media sites mining data. Its amazing to think that once we are plugged in there is no way to kill the beast. Rockwell’s video describes it best someone is always watching. Just never thought about how Facebook made its billions. Even to the fact that we have no freedom to post what we want as up coming professional because potential employers could view EVERYTHING!



  1. Yes we should all recognize a ‘creepy treehouse’ when we see one. Stay out! The funny thing though is that they are getting harder to spot in the dense forest that is the ‘terms of service’ we perfunctorily accept with a click. If we actually took the time to read through that wall of text, I’m sure if we could parse through it we’d discover dozens of creepy tree houses.

    And LOVE the GIF! What’s it from?

    1. The GIF is from just typed in paranoia or rather i was looking for something that represented “the beast” and found this little gem.

      1. Ah yes I saw that it was an embedding GIF from They source it to a well know GIF Tumblr, which using a tag sourced the film series it came from – The Century of Self. It’s all about the government and corporations using Freud’s ideas about the unconscious to control society by using a variety tools that emphasize ‘desires’ over ‘needs.’ It looks really interesting and have to watch it!

        Thanks for pointing to an really interesting rabbit hole. The quote that goes with the GIF you liked is this, “Underneath all human beings was a hidden irrational self which needed to be controlled. Both for the good of individuals and the stability of society.”

        You should check it out.

  2. Lol it’s so creepy but so real. Everyone is watching everything you do, even when you don’t think they are.

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