Even though it was snowing a lot today, all of my classes were in session. When class was over, I eagerly and slowly (so I didn’t slip on the snow) made my way from the classroom building to the main parking lot only to find that my car has been sideswiped AGAIN! twice within a couple of months! At first I thought it was just dirty snow, but when I made my way closer I saw that the side of my RECENTLY fixed white car was bruised with black marks AGAIN! (on the same side that I just got fixed). I officially hate parking lots, my heart and my wallet can’t handle this pain anymore! After coming home and sulking for a bit, I decided to put my feelings aside, as it is just a car and work on an assignment for this class. I came across this assignment from the DS106 assignment bank, where people turned barcodes into different shapes. I thought it was cool and decided to give it a go! and here is my finished outcome!

ct101asgn1I used photoshop for this assignment, but I saw that other people who did this assignment used a program called Gimp. This assignment was fun to do, and fairly simple. I completed a similar task last week in my FA284 class, so doing this assignment was a good refresher. I didn’t remember how to do it off of the top of my head, but was able to figure it out with the help of a youtube tutorial that demonstrated the usage of clip masks.

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