Thinking of a master plan….

Looking through the ds106 assignment repository I found the animated gif and design assignment to be interesting. I feel as if those two assignments aside from the rest would allow me to be really creative when telling a particular story.

System Maintenance Animated GIF (de•tri•tus 2013)

I picked this animated gif because the visuals are beautiful. It’s nothing really big, but just because there is so much going on here grabs my attention. In order for me to learn how to created animated gifs I’ll need to find an effective way to attract attention. By doing so I need to understand basic graphic frames and visuals to do so. I would say as many as five or more animated gif projects will do the job in order to build digital storytelling skills. These skills are important because it’s a great way to connect to your audience through a different medium.

This is a design assignment I stumbled upon and I thought it was cool the way the guys in the electric chair is connected to the power outlet on the wall. It’s creative because it makes sense that the electricity running through controls his fate. For me to learn design I’ll have to be analytical in ways to develop great skills when coming up with certain ideas.

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