My experience with tumblr

I was inspired by Michael Brason Smith Jaws picture, with the tiles changing. His tumblr is cinemosiac. Today is the day I have actually made a tumblr account. My tumblr account is played around with it by making four different tiles in one. I’m thinking of leaving it anonymous for now but hopefully I’ll get addicted to it and personalized it. I’m just getting started with this account and then I’ll post more blogs. In the beginning it’s hard to get used to a new site. Eventually it will become easier and fun.  Here is a picture of a child smiling from I’m actually happy that I learned something new today. I get bored easily by performing the same task.

One thought on “My experience with tumblr”

  1. I love the cinemosiac tumblr, which I wish I created! It’s actually the work of Jetset Studios which appears to be a design firm that makes content to promote various entertainment properties. Looks like making GIFs are a big part of what they do.

    And good to see you joining Tumblr! It’s definitely one of my favorite spaces to browse and contribute media. I post and reblog content on and have a Tumblr dedicated to making these retro TV GIFs. Tumblr has definitely inspired me on numerous occasions with the vastness of the kinds of visual media on various blogs.

    And Tumblr tip numero uno: GIFs can’t be more than 500 pixels wide and must be under 2 MBs. Ryan knows a ton about this too so you can ask him about it if you have questions.

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