Highlight Reel: Zach LaVine

A large part of my life revolves around sports. I want to study sports in the future from a sociological perspective, so any chance I get to throw sports into the conversation is an opportunity that I’ll capitalize on. One of the assignments on the DS106 Bank is “Highlight Reel” which requests people to GIF a Highlight Reel moment from any sport.

I went back and used the IMGUR Youtube-To-GIF tool to create a GIF of Zach LaVine’s first dunk from the 2015 NBA Dunk Contest. LaVine entered the arena with the accompaniment of the Quad City DJs, who were responsible for the theme song of “Space Jam”, a movie that was a big part of my (and apparently Zach’s) childhood. He displayed a “Toon Squad” jersey with Michael Jordan’s name and number on the back, and then proceeded to complete this dunk… I linked the GIF back to the full Youtube reel if anyone is interested to see the rest.

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