Burger Ballin’

Working at a restaurant in Manhattan is an advantage for people who find comfort and excitement in food. I’m not talking about picking up a Big Mac on the run but rather sitting down at a restaurant and taking your time enjoying a well-prepared meal. It’s not my intent to sound pretentious but after a few years working in a highly respected hospitality and restaurant company, and being exposed to some of their top notch restaurants, I’ve developed a higher taste and standard to food.

Since I’m mostly exposed to burgers, and of course there are countless of burger joints in New York City, I’ve eaten enough to create a burger ranking according to my liking. Here are my top 3:

3. Bareburger


They are known for their all-natural and organic burgers. This picture was taken by me last week when I stopped by their Hell’s Kitchen location and grabbed a bite to eat before going to rehearsals. The meat is cooked medium, according to my preference, and comes with spinach and their special sauce all snuggled in a whole wheat wrap. From the first up to the last bite, the meat stayed consistently light and soft. It tastes fresh and wasn’t greasy as the other burgers I’ve tried.

Their burgers also go well with their organic (but of course) milkshakes and you’ll surely be leaving the restaurant not feeling as guilty as one would feel after devouring a burger.

2. Shake Shack

shackburger meisterburger

Some people who know me might be a bit surprised as to why this burger isn’t my number one choice. I love Shake Shack burgers, I really do, from the freshness of the meat, the simple yet savory seasoning, to their special Shack sauce, which is described as house-made tangy mayo but everything else is kept secret. One similarity that some of the top-rated burgers in New York City have is their source of meat. A lot of them come from Pat LaFreida, which originates in Brooklyn, NY and dates all the way back in 1922.

Shake Shack burgers are freshly made and delivered to their stores every day, and NEVER frozen. The thickness of the patty along with its toppings (lettuce and tomato- onions and pickles are optional and can be served on the side), butter toasted potato bun, and Shack sauce is a perfect concoction and definitely not overwhelming. Additional tips are you can add bacon and their crispy shallots, which are ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots and pair it with their golden, citrusy, Shackmeister beer. Shack on Shack on Shacks!

And now for the  the top burger…drum roll please!



I can’t stress enough how AH-maaaazing this burger is!  Now don’t be fooled by the width of the bun. It may look heavy but the juiciness, the flavor, and the overall taste of the perfect patty absolutely compensates for the thickness of the bun. The disc like shape that is placed on top of the patty is Parmesan crisp. You don’t see this everyday and the originality in their version of a cheeseburger adds to the hype that their burger had created. Now the sauce is what makes this burger even tastier, which is a mixture of Japanese ingredients. It’s hard to pick out and alienate each ingredient when eating because everything is blended well.

I usually don’t like thick patties but this one is definitely an exemption. Also, I highly recommend to order it with their truffle fries. Just do it. And see for yourself. It’s definitely worth trekking to Greenwich Village to get a bite out of this heavenly creation.


So there’s my top favorite burger spots in New York City. We are #burgerblessed that they have multiple locations all around the city and is only a couple of subway rides away. Bon Appetit to all the burger lovers out there!

P.S. This is how that first bite feels. I’m sure some of you look like this too, don’t lie.



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