omg I finally created my own GIF ^_^

8u94BRF - Imgur

As you can see up top is my first actual gif that I made using the website It was pretty easy, I just uploaded a video from YouTube and selected the scene I wanted to make into a GIF. I’m obsessed with Chris Brown, that is actually mu boyfriend so I wanted my first GIF to include him. The only difficult part about this process was the fact that I couldn’t put it on twitter as a regular GIF rather than a link. Although this process was easy, I’m excited to learn how to make a GIF the original way, I guess. lol.


3 thoughts on “omg I finally created my own GIF ^_^”

  1. Hey this is an awesome GIF! You should reinsert it at full-size so it animates in the post. You don’t have to re-upload, just insert from the media library. You should see it animating in the post while editing it.

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