I’ve always wanted to learn to make a gif and in last Thursday’s class that goal was finally fulfilled! I decided to make this cat gif because I thought it was funny :). Using Imgur to create a gif was a fast and easy process, and I will be using it more often now that I know about it.

Hungry Cat

8 thoughts on “MY FIRST GIF!!!”

  1. This is hilarious ! I feel like I over thought the process. My main problem was figuring out how to upload it and i finally figured it out !

  2. Pretty cool! I have been having difficulty making my gif…of course in class I made one but it turned out to be a gifv and not exactly what I set out to do. I will not give up…the process continues today.

  3. Great Gif especially because it pretty much relates to me since I am always hungry. Plus the cat is pretty cute and I am more of a dog person.

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