Aaron Swartz

Something that really stood out to me from this film was Swartz’s way of thinking. He viewed things very differently, and at a very young age too. According to the movie he was always questioning why things were the way they were. There was one point in the film when someone was explaining that Aaron didn’t like school, I found it interesting that his dislike for school was fueled by the idea that he felt that learning could be done on your own, and that you didn’t need to go to school to gain knowledge. This way of thinking is unique as most kids dislike school because they dislike learning, but Aaron disliked it because he felt that they were teaching things that he could teach himself. I never thought about school this way so it was eye opening to realize that if you have the right motivation and tools you can learn things on your own. I think that this way of thinking was what lead Swartz to constantly look for ways to improve the web he was always searching for a way to be better, and solve new problems.

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  1. I think it’s one of the most empowering things is to realize how much one can learn on their own when time is dedicated regularly to something of interest. Aaron truly had the mindset that allowed him to believe he could do a lot.

    One thing I have to say I don’t completely agree with, though I don’t think you exactly meant it this way. People are basically ‘learning machines’ they can’t help but continually look for new and interesting things to find out about. So I don’t think kids don’t like to learn. They often don’t like school though, and for a huge variety of reasons. That’s one to think and write more about.

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